star-wars-movieThe cheeky scamps at Deadline are reporting that Looper and Brick director Rian Johnson has been offered the chance to write and direct Star Wars: Episodes VIII and IX.

It seems that the new Disney Star Wars franchise is following in the footsteps of their Marvel Cinematic Universe by entrusting the story-telling to new directors. The best and brightest young film-makers appear to be on the hit list with Johnson following Chronicle’s Josh Trank and Godzilla‘s Gareth Edwards.

Where this is different to those two is that Johnson has been offered the two sequels in the core trilogy that JJ Abrams is currently shooting. Quite why Abrams isn’t taking it on any further hasn’t yet been commented on, but with all the fuss he kicked up about filming in the UK and Disney’s insistence that the film stay true to its film-making roots a logical guess would be that he didn’t want his family relocating to the UK for a long period of time.

With work on the Star Wars franchise moving ahead at pace, the hiring of Johnson is another masterstroke in Disney’s plan to breathe life into the wildly popular franchise. Plus there’s a chance he might hire Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a Jedi. Which would be cool. With all the finest independent directors being signed up perhaps a certain former Ant-Man director might be next.

So let’s start the campaign now to get Edgar Wright on board too.

Source: Deadline

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