The Team

The ‘That Film Guy’ team are writers of the highest quality. They’re people who generously provide reviews and articles to the site and as you can see, they’re a professional bunch, so let’s meet the team:

Thomas Patrick

Thomas PatrickThomas Patrick is That Film Guy. The demented mastermind behind the site that you’re currently reading. He was brought together the team of misfits that form the TFG family as well as any number of part-time contributors.




Darryl Webber

Darryl WebberThat Film Journo is Darryl Webber. By day, he’s the features editor for a regional newspaper group; by night (and whenever else he can fit it in) he spends his time watching films, thinking about films and writing about films.




James Haves

James HavesOften found either at the cinema or curled up on the sofa watching whatever popped up on Netflix, James Haves aka That Film Brat is a lover of surreality and mental breakdowns, and a hater of pretension and Zack Snyder. James decided that he would be honest and fair with all his opinions, but he often doesn’t share them with other people (he thinks Serenity was a very poor conclusion to a great TV show). James also enjoys video games (what he considers to be the next big advancement in storytelling), punk music, and snarky internet reviewers.



Emlyn Roberts-Harry

Star Wars entered Emlyn Roberts-Harry’s life when he was six, and he has been an avid watcher of films ever since. He studies classics at university. A true believer that there is as much to be learned from bad films as there is from good ones, he has an odd fascination with terrible fantasy films like Highlander II, but generally prefers to watch things that don’t make him hate mankind.



Andrew Last

Andrew Last is That Film Guy’s resident documentary film expert. Boasting a vast collection of documentaries and having seen every one nominated for an Oscar in the last decade, he brings his own unique brand of criticism to the fore. He also claims to be the greatest poker player in the film reviewing fraternity.



Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers is That Art House Guy, the foreign language and art house expert here at That Film Guy. He has been a huge fan and supporter of foreign films here in the UK and has years of experiencing watching and writing about them. In fact he’s so into art house cinema that when he speaks there are subtitles.